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How To Use The Kutana Pay Platform

Are you doing business in Africa? Do you intend to work with an African partner or supplier but are wondering what other payment options exist beyond SWIFT?

This is where Kutana Pay comes in. At Kutana Technologies, we have built a B2B secure buyer-protection platform that allows local businesses, traders, and gig workers to make and receive payments across Africa. Our platform allows you to set up flexible terms of payment and we hold payment in trust on behalf of customers until conditions of payment are met by the receiving party.

Sign Up & Onboarding

Just like every other application, we would like to get to know you a bit more and also ensure that the platform is safe for all users. This is a very important step for us and for you because it ensure safety and security for all users on the platform.

The entire onboarding process shouldn't take you more than 3 mins to complete. Once completed, your documents will be reviewed and you should be verified in a matter of minutes provided all documents are accurate.

We advise you to have the following documents on hand when signing up to smoothen the process:

  • A valid national ID Card (ID, Passport, Driver's license)

  • Bank account statement or utility bill (water bill/electricity bill in your name)

  • Company registration documents (Articles of incorporation and/or business certificate)

  • Also, ensure you are in a very-well lit room as you may be asked to take a live picture of yourself.

You Are In! Initiate A Transaction

And just like that you are in and ready to initiate your first transaction. It is very easy to initiate your first transaction, all you need to do is click on the big blue button on the top left part of your dashboard that reads "Instant transaction".

New Transaction

Fill in the details of the supplier or service provider you would like to pay. It is very essential you indicate the exact agreed conditions of payment between you and the receiver. For example: "Pay 50% upfront and the remaining 50% in two instalment upon confirmation of goods."

You can always contact our support if you need any assistance on this. We are also able to help draft out a written agreement to your supplier if this is needed. This would be done by our support team to ensure you have a smooth payment experience.

NB: You can contact contact us at any time!!

Confirm Amount

At this stage, we need you to confirm the amount to be paid including our service charge (2.5% flat fee). You may read our terms of service for more information. Remember, what we offer you as security and safety. This comes at a cost to us, but saves you from so much stress along the way.

Make Payment

You will be able to pay via bank transfer, card or mobile money. At the moment only bank transfer is functional.

Notify The Team

To be able to track all payments and assist you effectively, we need you to notify us by sending us a digital version of your payment advise from your bank.

Voila! Transaction Fully Created

You have done your part now. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and relax as we d the rest for you. Your transaction will appear on your dashboard after successful creation and you will be able to monitor the progress of your transaction from the comfort of your seat. No stress!

We hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have any further questions and we will be happy to respond to you ASAP!

Sign Up Now and initiate your first safe and secure domestic or international payment for your business.

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